No doubt...I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY! It is an expression of myself, my spirit, my passion, my vision and my dreams. It is where I can create the perfect world I desire, a world that is full of beauty, peace and harmony. I consider photography an ART. I enjoy my photography because of the way it makes me feel and the way I can make you feel. It thrills me. It excites me. It allows me to capture the emotions, the movement, the spirit of that moment in time that will never come back.

We are located in beautiful Greenwood, South Carolina. It is a beautiful place with many smiling faces!

So, take a look at my pictures. I hope you like them and enjoy them.

Thanks for stopping by. If you like my photography please feel free to let me know in a comment or a personal email at [email protected], or by leaving a note in the guestbook.

Manny Correas
Artist / Photographer